TouchZone Testimonials

Stories from traders inspired by TouchZone DayTrading

I want to pen this testimonial for your website. It has been just over 2 weeks I joined TZDT. I have always been impressed with your abilities and passion for trading. I am absolutely delighted I am part of your TradeRoom. It is going to be an integral part of my trading plan moving forward. I have been primarily a Renko bar type trader. But thanks to you I am already leanings the benefits of looking at a 5 min chart not to mention your Zones and tools are really awesome. I like the fact that every trade you take, you are able to talk through it as well as explain the logic behind why you think it is a good setup. You never hide your losers and you are frank and upfront. Thanks to your passion for teaching and self-assessment we learn and improve even when we have losers.  I like your mantra that “we trade well, not often”. I am really looking forward to a fantastic 2018.
Thanks and Regards
Amit K