Taking Trade Management To New Heights

“BlackBird’s ability to assist in managing trades is second to none! This tool is truly a game-changer for all traders.
The customer service and support at Shark is wonderful!” -Steph T

“Retail traders of today have power like never before. Thanks to BlackBird, the technological gap between deep-pocketed megaplayers
and everybody else is smaller than ever. Blackbird is simply a tool no retail trader should be without.” -Ferenc M”


A Bird’s Eye View

This revolutionary Trade Designer allows you to thoroughly manage every aspect of your trade with unparalleled simplicity & flexibility.


The Sky Is The Limit

  • Risk Management Capabilities
  • Trade Management Capabilities
  • Money Management Capabilities


Risk Management

Each & every trade has potential for loss. Set your risk tolerance and then let BlackBird automatically calculate and manage the risk for you. Utilize pre-trade contract scaling, and on-the-fly stop-loss trailing.



  • Pre-Program Order Movement
  • Enhanced Position Scaling
  • Limitless User Capabilities

Trade Management

Use the Dynamic Planning feature to preview how your trade will execute based on current market conditions.
We have re-defined Trade Management. BlackBird can adjust on-the-fly Entry orders, Profit Targets, and of course Stop-loss orders. That is a complete Trade Manager.
Pre-programed order management with unlimited customizable flexibility. The most advanced stop-loss trailing designer in the Ninja ecosystem.


  • Dynamic Planning
  • Entry, Profit, & Stop-loss Management
  • Unlimited Stop-loss Trailing Rules

Money Management

Step back and manage your entire account. Monitor and Manage your trading positions. Prevent over trading commission losses.
Protect your hard earned profits with the High-Water Mark feature, and start playing with house money.


  • High-Water Mark Profit Protection
  • Limit Your Account Exposure
  • Account Oversight Capabilities