The Touch Zone Way

Price Action meeting Support & Resistance is the foundation of our Trading Concept.

Support = traders expect buying to occur

Resistance = traders expect selling to occur

Buying at Support and Selling at Resistance is trading with the crowd.

When these ‘Zones’ are clearly and accurately located – they become self-fulfilling prophecies.

Everything depends on Time, Technicals & Risk Tolerance

Trading With The TZ Team

We are committed to maintaining cutting edge technical skills and up-to-date industry knowledge.

Our TradeRoom Moderators are full time traders with a proven reputation in coaching as well as acclimating new traders to the ins and outs of this industry. They have been involved in the collaboration and development of several top NinjaTrader tools including HeatMap Pro. They have been educating and inspiring traders for nearly a decade. They are firm believers that participating in a the right trade room  keeps traders disciplined and focussed on sticking to their rules.

Plan YOUR Trade  •  Trade YOUR Plan

We will share necessary resources that all traders can benefit from including:

» Proprietary Support and Resistance Zones

» The Use of Trendlines and TrendChannels

» Pre-market top down chart anaylsis

» Review and discuss current news events and their possible impact on the market

» Observation of the current state of the markets

» Uncovering signs of upcoming Trend or Sideways Trading Day

TZ TradeRoom Moderators

Over A Decade Of Experience:

~ Trading on the NT Platform

~ Coaching / Training                             New Traders

~ Collaborating / Developing                 Top NT Tools

~ Trading:                                                  Futures / Options / ETNs